Disques De Frein Avant Gt1645 Opel Astra J Hb Berline Break Gtc 2012-2015 Ø276

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Disques De Frein Avant Gt1645 Opel Astra J Hb Berline Break Gtc 2012-2015 Ø276

SPORT BRAKE DISCS GT – FRONT. Drilled and grooved brake discs for the most demanding drivers! These brake discs fit to the following car models. Technical specification of GT brake discs. 26mm / min: 23mm. 13502044, 13502045, 569069, 569073. BRAKE DISCS OFFERED ON THIS LISTING FIT ONLY TO CARS MENTIONED ABOVE WITH FACTORY/ ORIGINAL BRAKE DISCS IN SIZES AS GIVEN BELOW! THIS IS IMPORTANT, BECAUSE IN THE SAME YEARS, OR EVEN SAME ENGINES BRAKE DISCS CAN HAVE DIFFERENT SIZES! HELP WITH YOUR CHOICE. , engine, diameter and thickness of the factory brake discs and the number of mounting holes. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND ORDER. Drilling and grooves are designed to discharge the heat generated by braking and the contamination, dust and gases from the disc and disc surface in the fastest possible way. Product at excellent price, manufactured by GT company since 1982. Product dedicated to cars listed above with original discs and the same technical specifications as described in the listing. The photo is a sample image. The price refers to the whole set of brake discs for the front axle! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR BRAKE DISCS WITH PADS? In order to achieve the best results, we suggest installing brake discs together with matching pads, also manufactured by GT, and available in our offer. To prepare a dedicated offer for brake discs and pads, please contact. Us giving the exact vehicle details: model, year of production, type saloon, estate, etc. If you have any questions write to us. L’item « DISQUES DE FREIN AVANT GT1645 OPEL ASTRA J HB BERLINE BREAK GTC 2012-2015 Ø276″ est en vente depuis le mercredi 17 janvier 2018. Il est dans la catégorie « Auto, moto pièces, accessoires\Auto\ pièces détachées\Freinage\Disques de frein ». Le vendeur est « qualitytuning_fr » et est localisé à/en Manosque. Cet article peut être livré partout dans le monde.
  • Numéro de pièce fabricant: Non applicable
  • Marque: GT-Brakes
  • Emplacement sur le véhicule: Gauche
  • Features: Drilled Surface
  • EAN: Does not apply


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